Sunday, June 21, 2009


hello! i am here again! i just finished colating all my medical papers for my sss sickness benefits! my sked for submitting it is on June 29, 2009. i am hoping and praying that it will have a good results! at present i need to under go a lab tests namely hepa profile and HBV-DNA. The costs is to much for my present situations but i really need to do it, in fact my lab tests for blood is mothly and my hepa profile will be every 4 months. how can i do that since i am financially incapacitated. what will i do to help myself?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


i am disappointed because when i inquire at philhealth (about my case having hepa A and B) if there is a benefits that i could help me battle this disease they said that it is only for hospitalization. and they even told me to cotinue paying my philhealth so that it will not jepardize my benefits. so how can i continue paying if i don't have a job because of my condition. they said that before i can avail the benefits i should in a hospital. in my case no hospital are ready for my condition so pano na? sa kagaya ko pano ko magagamit ang philhealth ko.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For all the employer who will forced their employee because of hepatitis how can they support their sickness if they don't have any means to buy any medication or avail of any medical treatment if they don't have money. So please give them a chance so that they can have a chance to recuperate. Don't be so cruel by firing them, by doing that you lead them into their early death. So be considerate and be a human!

people having hepatitis virus

Attention to all government official (Phil) sss, philhealth, at pag-ibig!

Sana po mabigyan pansin ang mga taong mayroong hepatitis virus! Lalo na ang mga taong nawalan ng trabaho dahil sila ay mayroong hepatitis.